Bunch TimeLine

By Penny Ferguson:

1720:   Gedion Bunch born. (JG)

1733: Micajah "Cage" Bunch born in probably Brunswick County Virginia. (JG)

1735: 15 November 1735 John Bunch recorded a Plat for 350 acres northeast of the Santee River and lot 177 in Amelia Township --He recorded a plat for a further 100 acres on the Santee River and a half acre town lot in Amelia Township a month later on 13 December 1735 [Colonial Plats 2:461].  (PF Timeline JG source)

1745 May 28, 1745 - Louisa Co. VA

"Ordered that William Hall, Samuel Collins, Thomas Collins, William Collins, Samuel Bunch, George Gibson, Benjamin Branham, Thomas Gibson, and William Donathan be summoned to appear at the next Court to answer the presentment of the Grand jury this day made against them for concealing tithables within twelve months past."

…pled not guilty…    Steven Pony Hill  http://sciway3.net/clark/freemoors/Indian.htm


1749:  Tax list of Lunenburg County, Virginia (from Sunlight on the Southside) William Howard’s list; Gedion Bunch and tithe Cage Bunch. Note; Obviously, Cage is the son of Gedion Bunch. (Jack Goins)


1750: 175[0?] List of Wm. Eaton  (Granville Co. NC)

List of Saml. Henderson

Gibion Bunch 2  (WTL)


1754:  Micajer Bunch son of Gedion is listed in 1754 Orange County, NC tax list of Gedion Macon in the household of John Stoud who paid a tax for Micager Bunch and Lydia Bunch possibly his daughter and son in-law?  (Jack Goins)

1755:   Orange County, North Carolina, tax list several families who either they are their forefather once lived on the Pamunkey River in Louisa County, Virginia and who eventually migrated to Hawkins County, TN and became know as the Melungeons. (Jack Goins)
Gidean Bunch 1 tithe (mulatto)
Micajer Bunch 1 tithe (mulatto)
Moses Ridley (Riddle) 1 tithe and wife Mary (mulattoes)
Thomas Collins 3 tithes (mulatto)
Samuel Collins 3 tithes (mulattoes)
John Collins 1 tithe (mulatto)
Thomas Gibson 3 tithes (mulatto)
Charles Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto)
George Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto)
Mager Gibson 1 tithe (mulatto)


1755 Orange County NC Tax list Gedion Bunch, Micajer Bunch, Thomas Collins, Samuel Collins, John Collins, Moses and Mary Ridley  (webtimeline JG)

1755 Partial Orange County North Carolina tax list from Flat River area: John Collins, Micajer Bunch, Gedion Bunch, Moses Ridley, Thomas Gibson, George Gibson, All listed mulatto.  (webtimeline JG)

1761 A 1761 report counted 20 Saponi warriors in the area of Granville County, NC and this corresponds to the “Mulatto, Mustee or Indian” taxation in Granville of such families as Anderson, Jeffries, Davis, Chavis, Going, Bass, Harris, Brewer, Bunch, Griffin, Pettiford, Evans, and others in the 1760’s. (Steven Pony Hill)

1762:   1762 Bare Swamp District  (Granville Co. NC)

List of John Pope for St. Johns Parish

Michael Gowin, Mulattoe, John Willson2 tithes,Thomas Gowin, Moses Gowin 2,William Hewlin 1.William Bass 1,Edward Gowin Senr. Mulla., Reps Gowin, Edward Gowin 3.Sampson Bass 1.Thos. Hulin 1

Fishing Creek District

James Gowing, Son William, Refs. to list his wife,2 whites, 0 blacks, 2 males, 0 females, 2 over 16, 2 total.  Gibiah Chavers, his wife Nancy,0 whites, 2 blacks, 1 male, 1 female, 1 over 16, 2 total.  Gibiah Bunch Son William. Refs. to list his wife &c,2 white, 0 blacks, 2 males, 0 females, 2 over 16, 2 total.  William Chavers Jur. 0 white, 1 black, 1 male, 1 over 16, 1 total.  James Shoemake & wife Mary, 0 white, 2 black, 1 male, 1 female, 1 over 16, 2 total.

Country Line District

William Gowin Junr 2 white

Granville Parish by Robert Harris

Joseph Going Mulato not listed his wife

List of Saml. Benton for Oxford District & Fishing Creek

George Anderson, wife Mary, sons Jeremiah, Nehemiah 4 blacks, 3 males, 1 female, 3 over 16, 4 total, Joseph Bass & wife Jane,2 blacks, 1 male, 1 female, 1 over 16, 2 total,Edward Bass & wife Tamer,2 blacks, 1 male, 1 female, 1 over 16, 2 total,Lewis Anderson, wife Sarah, sons Shadrick, Lewis,  daughters Leshea, mary, & Sarah,7 blacks, 3 males, 4 females, 3 over 16, 7 total,Benja. Bass, wife Mary, daughter Selah & brother James 4 blacks, 2 males, 2 females, 2 over 16, 4 total

list of insolvents

Bunch, Gibbey 2,Gowen, James 2,Going, Michael 2,Going, Edward 2,Going, Jos. 1

1767 Most of the Collins, Gibson, Bunch, Riddle, and possibly Bolen families came from the Flat River area of Orange county, North Carolina to the back woods area of the New river at the borders of North Carolina and Virginia around 1767.  (JG)

1767:  South Side South Ann River by George Thompson; Ret. Aug. 1767 (Louisa County VA)  JAMES BUNCH:  JOSEPH GOIN, Harry, Bett 4-268;  JOHN BUNCH:  JAMES MERIDETH, Abram 3-220; SAMUEL BUNCH:  JOHN  BUNCH, Jack 3-60;  DAVID BUNCH:  JOHN BUNCH, DAVID BUNCH, JUNR., Sue 4-203  Louisa County, Virginia Tithables and Census 1743-1785 Rosalie Edith Davis (hereafter footnote known as PF*)

1768:  by George Thompson;  Ret. 8 Aug. 1768 (Louisa County VA) DAVID BUNCH:  JOS. BUNCH, POUNCY BUNCH, Jese 4-203;  JOHN BUNCH:  JAMES MERIDITH, Abram 3-220;  JOHN BUNCH P. (Pat) 1;  JAMES BUNCH:  Harry, Bett 3-268.   PF*

1769:  by Thomas Johnson (Louisa County VA):  JOHN BUNCH 3-200; DAVID BUNCH 4-203;  JOHN BUNCH JUNR. 1;  JAMES BUNCH (no entry).  PF*

1769 10 June by William Phillips:  JAMES BUNCH:  Harry, Bobb 3-260;  SAMUEL BUNCH:  JNO.BUNCH JR, Jack 3-460.  PF*

1770 by Robert Anderson: Ret. 13 Aug. 1770:  JAMES BUNCH:  Harry, Bett 3-268.  PF*

1770:  by Wm. Phillips; Ret. 14 Aug. 1770:  SAMUEL BUNCH:  JNO. BUNCH, JAMES BUNCH 3-640;  DAVID BUNCH:  JOSEPH BUNCH, PUOUNCY BUNCH, Sue 3;  JNO. BUNCH:  Abraham 2-220.  PF*

1770:  12 Nov. 1770 Presentments of the Grand Jury-Trinity Parish:  WM. CRENSHAW JUNR. Of afad. Parish for not listing his Tithes.  DAVID BUNCH, JAMES MITCHELL, JACOB BOW, THOMAS GRAVES, WM. THURSTON, SAMUEL HENSON, THOMAS LIPSCOMB, Revd JOHN DIXSON, LANDIE RICHARDSON and GARRETT MINOR for not listing their land. PF*

1771:  Kegley’s early adventures on the Western Waters) 1771 New River area Botetourt County, Virginia (Jack Goins)
Charles Collins 1 tithe
John Collins 4 tithes
Samuel Collins two tithes
Charles Sexton 1 tithe
McKegar Bunch 1 tithe
William Sexton 1 tithe

1771:  1771 New River titables Botetourt Co Virginia: William Herbert's Co. partial list: Charles Collins, John Collins, Smuel Collins, McChegar Bunch, Kernilius Keith, George Heard, Moses Johnson, John Vardeman.  (webtimeline)

1771:  by Robert Anderson (appears to be):  DAVID BUNCH 5-496; JOHN BUNCH 2-220; AMES BUNCH 3-268; John BUNCH JUR. 1; SAMUEL BUNCH 2-460.  PF*

1772:  Robert Anderson; Ret. 10 Aug 1772:  JAMES BUNCH JUNR. 1.  PF*


1773:  Fincastle County was formed from Botetourt in 1772; this 1773 tax list shows the ones living on Indian land. Which means they had crossed the survey line agreed upon in the treaty of Lochaber as the western boundary. (Jack Goins)
David Collins (Indian Lands)
Charles Collins (Indian Lands)
Samuel Collins (Indian Lands)
George Collins (Indian lands)
*Micajer Bunch (Indian lands)
John Collins SR
John Collins Jr.
Ambrose Collins
Elisha Collins
Lewis Collins

1773 Micajah "Cage" Bunch born 1773 (webtimeline original sourse Jack Goins book).

1773:  June 10th by Robert Anderson Ret. 13 Sept. 1773:  CHRISTOPHER HUDSON:  JOHN BUNCH, James, Dick, Venus, Judeth 5; POUNCEY BUNCH 1-60; JOSEPH BUNCH 1-82; DAVID BUNCH: WILLM. BUNCH 2-436; JAMES BUNCH:  Han, Bet 3-150.  PF*

1773:  by Nathl. Anderson; Ret. 13 Sept. 1773:  BUNCH, SAMUEL 1.  PF*


1774:  Micajer Bunch was in the battle at Point Pleasant against the Shawnee Indians (1774 Lord Dunsmore War, Montgomery County Soldiers by Kegley)
William Riddle this authors seventh generation grandfather also fought in this war and their commanding officer Captain William Herbert plaintiff, Cajer Bunch and Wm Ridley defendants. 2- William Scott and Micajer Bunch, debt (Fincastle County, Virginia Court Record)  (Jack Goins)

1774:  1774  James Bunch was born September the 12th 1774.  (Morgan family Bible)

1774:  1774 Montgomery County, VA court William Herbert Plantiff vs Caiger Bunch and William Riddle defendants, Debt  (webtimeline, original source JG).

1774 by Robt. Anderson; Ret. 8 Aug:  JOHN BUNCH 1;  SAML. BUNCH 1; JOSEPH BUNCH: Doll 2;  POUNCY BUNCH:  DAVID GOING, Frank 3-60; JAMES BUNCH: Harry, Bett 3-168; DAVID BUNCH 1.  PF*

1775:  Henry Bunch d abt 21 April 1775 Bertie, NC (webtimeline original source JG)

1776:  by Thomas Johnson; Ret. 9 Sept. 1776:  WILLIAM BUNCH 1; POUNCEY BUNCH:  Will, Agg 3.  PF*

1776: 10 June by John Poindexter; Ret. 9 Sept:  JAMES BUNCH:  Harry, Bett 3.  PF*

1777:  10 June by William Phillips:  JOSEPH BUNCH Const.: Charles, Moll 3.  PF*

1777:  by Robert Anderson; Ret. 11 Aug:  WILLIAM BUNCH 1; SAMUL. BUNCH:  SAML. BUNCH JR. 2-450.  PF*

1778:  Wilkes (became Ashe) County NC Tax List, Name Value of property 1782 Tax List 1787 Census

Bunch, Julius 35.00.00 No

Bunch, Micajah 42.00.00 No

(Russ Klicker files)


1778:  by Thos. Johnson Shff.  Ret. 12 Oct:  POUNCY BUNCH:  Will, Ag 3.  PF*


1778:  Wm. Phillips;  Ret. 9 Nov:  JOSEPH BUNCH:  DAVID GOWIN, Moll 3; JAMES BUNCH:  Charles, Harey 3; WILLIAM BUNCH 1.  PF*

1779-1784 Montgomery Co., Va John Collins, George Collins, Lewis Collins, Charles Collins. Wilkes Co. NC Vardy Collins Jordan Gibson, Micajer Bunch.  (webtimeline)

1780:  by Thomas Johnson Shf.; Ret. 9 Oct:  JAMES BUNCH:  THOS. STANLY, Harry 3.  PF*

1780:  by Wm. Phillips:  WM. BUNCH 1; POUNCEY BUNCH 1; JOSEPH BUNCH:  Jacbo, Lark, Patt 4; MARY BNCH:  DAVID BUNCH, Rachel 2.  PF*

1781:  by Wm. Phillips; Ret. 12 Nov:  JOSEPH BUNCH:  Jack, Jacob, Pat 4.  PF*

1781:  by Thomas Johnson Shf. Ret. 11 Feb. 1782:  WILLIAM BUNCH:  Simon 2. PF*

1782:  Louisa County Census (VA) of 1782, October by Turner Anderson and Henry Garrett, white-black: Samuel Bunch Jr. 2, Joseph Bunch 3-9, Molley Bunch 8-1.  PF*

1783:  by Waddy Thomson:  BUNCH, JAMES 9; BUNCH, DAVID 1; BUNCH, GEORGE 1; SAML. 1.  PF*

1783-4:  by John Boswell (Found with lists of 1783-84.):  BUNCH, SAMUEL 2; BUNCH, DAVID 1.  PF*

1785 Post Revolutionary Pleasant Grove region Saponi Indians Jeramiah Bunch, George Gibson, and Henry Bunch receive land Grants in 1785 along the Eno River just east of Hillsboro, North Carolina.  (webtimeline)

1785: “List of TYthes: (Hundred #1 Trinity and Fredericksville Parish) by John Boswell and Turner Anderson, Gent:  BUNCH, SAMUEL 1; BUNCH, MARY: CHARLES BUNCH 1; BUNCH, POUNCEY:  Mol, Abb 1-2; BUNCH MARY:  THOS. BUNCH 1; BUNCH, JOHN: Liddy 1-1; BUNCH, DAVID 1; BUNCH, WILLIAM “not given in.” ; BUNCH, ANTHONEY Do.; BUNCH, GEORGE So.; BUNCH, JOSEPH “Not returned.”  PF*


1789 Mercer Co KY Tax List ZBunch & Joseph Bunch


1790:  Chowan Co., NC, 1790 Federal Census


1st Free white males 16 year upwards including heads of families

2nd Free white males under 16 years

3rd Free white females and head of families

4th All other free persons

5th Slaves


Bunch, Solomon..............1-1-1---1

Bunch, Sarah................----1----

Bunch, William..............1---3---1

Bunch, Ishmael..............1-1-3----

Bunch, Prissilla............--4-5---6

Bunch, Cullen...............1-3-2---1


1791:  1791 Marriage Micajah (Jr) & Levinia Holder

Embrey Bunch made a will in Bertie on 20 July 1780, proved May 1789. He left a wife Elizabeth and children: i. Micajah-2 Sr., born circa 1760/65, married bond 8 April 1791 Levinia Holder, with Elisha Holder bondsman, and secondly, bond 17 November 1801 Teletha Smith, with Micajah Bunch Jr. bondsman. He moved to Christian County, Kentucky about 1803. ii. Mary, married _____ Williams. iii. Zadock, born before 1775. Unmarried, made his will 30 January 1801, proved May 1801. iv. Nanny, married Rigdon Pritchard, 29 February 1792 Bertie County bond. v. Milley, unmarried in 1801. 


1792:  1792 Lee County VA Micajer Bunch (signed the 1792 petition to form Lee Co VA)  The exact date of Micajer Bunch land purchase is not found, but on a grant March 3, 1792, to John Rice 140 acres on the waters of Joseph Wallings Mill Creek a branch of the Clinch River and beginning at a popular and Dogwood being a corner of Micajer Bunch claim then running along Bunch line. This land was located near Present day Kyles Ford, Hancock County, TN and very new the border of Virginia. This land location explains why Cager (Micajer) Bunch signed the 1792 petition to form Lee County, Virginia. At this time Virginia claimed most of the land on the North side Of Clinch River. (Tax list form Virginia State Library. At Richmond) (JG)

1795:  Tax list of Lee County, Virginia, Drury Bunch, Micajer, Bunch, Isreal Bunch, Clem Bunch, Julious Bunch

1796:  tax list of Lee County, Virginia Clem, Isyreal and Micajer Bunch

1796:  Jerimiah Bunch d abt 8 Mar 1796 Bertie NC

1796:  Lee Co VA tax list Micajer Bunch, Drury Bunch, Israel Bunch, Clem Bunch, Julius Bunch, Jermiah Boling 

1797:  Tax list of Lee County, Virginia, Drury Bunch, Micajer, Bunch, Isreal Bunch, Claiborn Bunch, Jessee Bowlin and Zachariah Goins.

1797 Lee County VA tax list Zachariah Goins (son of John Goins and Elizabeth), Jesse Bowlin, Claiborne and Soloman Bunch 

1797:  Jeremiah Bunch left a will in Bertie Co., NC in 1797 naming children; William (m. Mary Bunch 1785, d. 1816); Henry (b. ca. 1743, m. Eleanor Baysson 1764) ; Jeremiah Jr. (B. Ca. 1745, m. Judah Hill 1765, d. 1809); Nehemiah (d. 1815); Frederick (b. Ca 174508, d. 1810); Nancy m. Collins. A last will and testament of an Elisha Collins was located in Patrick County Virginia. It is not known at this time if this is the same Elisha we have been tracking, but there are familiar names contained therein, and some of the property he left was on Elk Creek, New River area.. – Meredeth Bunch - http://www.saponitown.com/brenda-collins-dillon/collins-story-part-1.htm


1798: Lee County tax list only shows Claiborn and Joseph Bunch

1798:  Micajer along with several other families migrated to Cumberland County, Kentucky in about 1798. (JG)


1799:   (Cumberland County, KY tax list courtesy Mary Hill, Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.) Jessee Robert, Cage Bunch, Elisha Blevins, Joseph Bunch, Drury Bunch, James Roberts? Stephen Robinson, Moses Roberts, George Rogers, John Rogers  (JG)

1799 Micajer Cage Bunch is listed by Some historians as one of the first Melungeons in this Newman Ridge, Blackwater area. Micajer along with several other families migrated to Cumberland County, Kentucky in about 1798.

1799- (Cumberland County, KY tax list courtesy Mary Hill, Family History

Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.) Jessee Robert, Cage Bunch, Elisha Blevins,

Joseph Bunch, Drury Bunch, James Roberts? Stephen Robinson, Moses Roberts, George Rogers, John Rogers all of these believed from the Newman Ridge, Blackwater area of Lee County, Virginia and Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Micajer Bunch is missing from the 1804 Cumberland County, Kentucky tax list. He probably died between the 1793 and 1804 tax collections.

What is weird is that on the 1805 Tax list of Cumberland County, Kentucky most of these on the 1799 list are gone. James and Joseph Riddle sons of Captain William and happy Rogers Riddle also settled in Cumberland County, Kentucky around 1804-5.  http://www.geocities.com/ourmelungeons/bunch3.html   (Jack Goins article)


1807:  Kentucky land grant - Israel Bunch  73 acres Clover Cree, Cumberland Co.  (Book 18) 

1807:   Clear Fork Baptist Church Minutes Copyright

Date 1807

Aug: Valentine COLLINS' case laid over.

Sep: Valentine COLLINS neglected to hear the church, non-

fellowship with him and will inform the church on Black

Water. Isaac DENTON, Wm GOODSON, Harden

WILLIAMS to write a letter tothat church. James

WILLIAMS allowed to keep the horse which was pro-

vided by this church and Beaver Creek Church for the

use of paying Bro BUNCH to Bro JOHN LEE and

making Bro BUNCH's coffin. Letter of dismission to

Anne LEE and Wm BOND and his wife.

http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/cumberland/churches/gbb74clearfor.txt  (Don Collins files)

note:  The Clear Creek Church records that talk about Valentine Collins & a Bro Bunch on Beaver Creek... My (Russ Klicker) Lorenzo Dow Bunch lived on Beaver Creek.


1810:   Archibald, Israel & Rawdon Bunch on Cumberland Co Census  (Klicker)

1810 Frederick Bunch d abt 6 Feb 1810, Bertie NC1812:  Samuel & a George Bunch in Clay County (Klicker)


1812:  George Bunch marries Martha Morris (Morris Hollow?) Clay Co KY. (Klicker)


1812:  William Bunch marries Ann Bengee (Parents David & Lusee)

Clay Co KY. (Klicker)


1813:  Samuel Bunch marries Phoebe Parke (George Bunch witness) Clay Co KY.    (Klicker)  


1816:  Kentucky land grant - Israel Bunch  155 acres Clover Creek, Cumberland Co.  (Book 20) (Klicker)


1817:  Kentucky land grant - Israel Bunch  23 acres Clover Creek, Cumberland Co.  (Book C)  (Klicker)


1819 Kentucky land grant - James Bunch  50 acres Cumberland River, Cumberland Co. (Book L)

1. Lorenzo Dow Bunch

1820? Born

1837 Paid Taxes In Barron Co (Kentucky)

1840 Clinton Co (Kentucky)  Census (LD)

1850 Barren Co

1880-1890 Died

(Russ Klicker files)



1824:  And the jurors upon their oath say, that the said William Collins of the county of Hawkins and state of Tennessee, with force and arms did have and keep a certain counterfeit bank note supporting to be a good and genuine note and to have been signed by the president and directors of the bank of Augusta for Ten Dollars payable to Wm Lee on demand, Dated Augusta Georgia 7 June 1824, which said note described is a counterfeit bank note. This bank of Augusta the same being one of the chartered banks of the state of Georgia. NOTE Collins was found guilty by the grand jury but this is all we found in the loose records.


The History of Tennessee and Tennesseans also noted the Melungeons were counterfeiters of Silver and is a case dated 1824 State of Tennessee, Hawkins County vs John Bunch.




1828:  Israel Bunch Married Lydia Taylor, Orange Co. Indiana,



1830:  Israel & Joseph on Cumberland Co Census

1830:  Sims grant opened to claims between 1830 and 1840: Records in Register's Office,

Hawkins Co., TN:


Sims Survey entries, Entry Book B, Hawkins Co., TN:

Benjamin Bunch-150 acres on Newman's Ridge-p. 95


Names on early warrant deeds & land papers (Grohse papers, Reel 3): Entry Book #1,

Hawkins Co., TN:

Benjamin Bunch, 1, 95


1836:  Douthat, Hancock County, Tennessee, 1836 tax lists:

District No. 5: Beginning on Clinch river at Kyles ford thence along the road

leading to Lee by John Wallen's to a small school house thence a due north course to

the Virginia line thence eastwardlywith said line to the Claiborne County line

thence with said line to Clinch river at the mouth of Greasy rock thence up the

river to the beginning. The Election to be held at the house of Jacob Delp.


Bunch, Rachael; Baker, Joseph; Biggs, Isham; Boling, Pleasant; Bird, Henry; Boling,

John; Bunch, Benjamin; Babb, William; Boling, Rosick; Boling, William; Collins,

Vordy; Collins, Simmeon; Collins, Morgan; Collins, Alfred; Collins, Milington;

Collins, Allen; Collins, Wyett; Collins, Jackson; Collins, Martin; Collins, James;

Collins, John; Collins, Robert; Collins, Benjn Sr.; Collins, Ezekiel; Collins,

Andrews; Collins, Jorden; Collins, Benjn. Jr.; Collins, Edmond; Collins, Levi;

Collins, Andrew; Collins, Salloman; Collins, Morris; Collins, Singleton; Collins,

James; Delph, Jacpb; Devault, Jacob; Davis, Milam; Frost, Gilford; Fletcher, John;

Gipson, Jordan, Sr.; Gipson, Willis; Gipson, Preston; Goodman, Wm.; Gipson,

Shepherd; Gipson, Fisher; Gipson, Charles P.; Gipson, Esau; Gipson, Livey; Gipson,

Andrew; Gipson, Jesse; Going, Alexander; Gipson, Andrew; Gipson, Jorden; Gipson,

Charles; Moore, James; Mullins, Isaac; Misen [sic], George; Mullins, Samuel;

Nichols, William [black]; Neill, Adam; Neill, Jacob; Nichols, Wilkam; Pridmore,

Samuel; Pridmore, Washington; Sullivan, B.G.; Williams, Charles; Willis, Larkin; Williams, Timothy.



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