Lorenzo Dow Bunch Family Tree, Photo's & Stories


The following photos are from descendents of Lorenzo Dow Bunch.  The ones that have question marks (?...?) are still somewhat a bit of a mystery but were held by more than one family and are said to be of our Bunches.

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        ? Unknown "Bunch" Photo               ? Bunch in parade Glasgow KY          Black Buef's old house east of

              (Help Us Identfy) ?                           1930? (Help Us Identfy) ?                            Glasgow, KY



     Hand Hewn Logs in The                          Dow's son Grandville (left)                 Dow's daughter Lucinda Jane

     cabin built by James Bunch                                                                                  Bunch and husband Cornelius

    in the early 1800's just outside                                                                                                McCawley

 Glasgow, KY.   House was owned

  later by the Harrison family and

  was being demolished when this

               photo was taken



                 Robert Bunch                                     Black Buef (Dow's Grandson)         Fate (Fayette) Bunch

                                                                                                                                                (Dow's  Son)



                                                     ? Fate's Barn, built about 1860.  There is an "X" carved into the gable end.

                                                                      Not at all like the "Barn Stars" made by the Dutch

                                                                      Anyone ever seen one like this?



Dow Bunch Stories


  1. "Dow was once challenged to a fight in Albany Ky by a rough & tumble fighter of the day.  On his way to this fight someone said Dow this bully is going to grab your hair and beat you up!, Dow took out his Barlow knife, cut his hair and won the fight."
    1. -  In 1968, this story was re-told in Allen Trout's column of the Louisville Courier Journal.  A man named Al Huff wrote to the Courier the following day saying his ggrandfather was the saloon keeper in Albany and often promoted fights there.
  2. "During the Civil War, raiders came and stole Dow's horses. That night, Dow went and got them back." 
    1. -  Dow did not serve in the civil war despite his reputation as a great fighter.  Indians were exempted.


Dow Bunch Family Tree (Coming Soon)




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