About Me, Cherokee Bows & Hunting

I am a descendent of Lorenzo Dow Bunch:

Lorenzo Dow

     Fayette Bunch

          Willis Bat Bunch

                Louise Bunch


I have been researching my Bunch line for more than 10 years.  The Cherokee blood that runs in our family has had a strong influence on me since I was a kid when my mom would tell us stories about Dow.   My research has led me to meet a lot of great and interesting people, including distant cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  

I've always loved being outdoors.  I started fishing with my parents about as soon as I could carry a cane pole and started hunting squirrels when I was 12 or so.  Over the years I've hunted and trapped about everything.   A few years ago I started making Cherokee bows from osage & black locust trees.  Making & hunting with old-style bows has become a great way for me to spend time with my son doing things that are unique to us and it also makes my hunting more fun & challenging.


My Osage & Black Locust          Friend Lee Varnell &                    Hunting Bears on POW Island

           Self-Bows                         His Alaska Black Bear                                        in Alaska



      Friend Craig Hoel  With His                       My Son Ty With A Buck              Lac Suel (Ontario Canada)

            Alaska Black Bear                                    Taken on our Farm                                   Walleye



My First Turkey, First         Friend Tracy Fagnan With            20 lb Coho Salmon - Ratz Creek

 Day Turkey Hunting                   130 lb Halibut                                    POW Alaska



                  Me & Bear Skin                                   My Hunting Bow                       Bobcat Taken On My Farm

                     PWS Alaska                                       Dogwood Arrows



    Pronghorn Hunting in Wyoming            Mitchel Bunch & His First Bear                      10-Point Buck

                                                                                POW Island, AK                               Taken on My Farm



            8-Point Buck Taken                                Boat in PWS Alaska                     Our Campsite Near Between

                   on My Farm                                                                                            Whittier & Valdez In PWS AK




 Me & Roy Porter - Lac Suel Walleys       My Brother Kenny (Right)         Roy Port's 18-Point Non-Typical

                                                                              & Hoot Gibson                      Near Dryden Ontario Canada



   Brother Kenny (Taken At                Muskrats & Coons                                  Brother Kenny with

Bower's Camp, Sioux Lookout,      Trapped On Illinois River                  Lac Suel Walleyes - Late 1970's

         Ontario Canada)                                 early 1980's



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